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Elena Dzyuba

  Watercolor artist, IFA member, practicing architect.

   For me watercolor painting is the wonderful way to express the beauty of the World around and an important part of my profession as well. My creativity for today is a landscape filled with light and air where I try to find a balance between abstract and detail what is very important in painting, and an illustration that gives the possibility to create wonderful images filled with the core values such as love, warmth and kindness.
   The plein air work is especially valuable for me, it is important to see and feel the environment to catch the moment of excitement and the idea for work.
  I constantly learn new painting techniques from modern watercolor artists, study new materials, improve the technique and busy with creative search.
   I teach watercolor and sketch classes and organize events where art and traveling meet each other.


Fabriano In Acquarello 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, Fabriano, Italy;

I-st IWS International Biennial "Colors of Peace and Passion", 2017,

Prishtina, Kosovo;

Watercolor masters Perspective 2017, St. Petersburg, Russia;

International Federation of Aquarellistes 2017, 2-nd prize,

2018, 2nd-3d prize, Moscow, Russia;

International Watercolor Festival InWatercolor 2018, Ranchi, India,

invited artist;

Fabriano In Acquarello 2019, Fabriano, Italy;

Exhibition «Cityscape», Modern art gallery «Gallery IZO»,Moscow, 2019

International Watercolor Festival "MiniWatercolor", Kyiv, Ukraine, 2019

II-nd IWS Triennal "Watercolor and Spirit", Varna, Bulgaria, 2019





Instituto Europeo di Design, Barcelona,

The Sсhool of Urbanism and Architectural Sketch, 2014
British Higher School of Art & Design
Intensive Illustration course, 2012
Volga State University of Technology,
Yoshkar-Ola, Engineer-Architect, 2005

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