Elena Dzyuba

Elena Dzyuba_Under the Crown of St
Chiesa di San Nicolo
Spring field in monutains
Almond is the first to bloom
Moscow vibes
Moscow courtyard, the last snow
Moscow, Sadovoye Ring
Moscow, Kazansky square
Orange umbrellas, Amsterdam
Evening in Signagi
Early spring in Svanety
David Gareja Monastery, Georgia
Boats in I-Bourg, Amsterdam
Old barn in a mountain village
Look, love, the 1st snow is falling
Street, the Amsterdam way
View to Kazbek Mountain in October
Ananuri fortress
Ikalto Monastery, Georgia
Ranchi noon
Twilight in Jharkhand, India.
Grandma at home, Amsterdam
Spring in Svaneti.
Winter mood
Mornig in Mountain village.
Transcaucasia, 38x56 cm
Little town by the Volga river
Ancient Svan tower in Mestia village
Georgian Midday.
Mountain midday. Nepali flavour.
Mountain village
Gergeti Sameba Church.
Between Tbilisi and Kutaisi
It’s winter in St. Petersburg
The towers of the Svans in Mestia
Snowbanks in Lengeri
Caucasus. Kazbek mountain in winter
Sunrise at Kazbek mount
In the snow!
Sunny day in Mtsheta
Nekresi Monastery.
Old fortress.
Vineyard in fall.
Above the Sea
Somewhere at the South shores
The Southern Bay
That’s how the happiness looks like!
St. George Church
Klementyev mountain
Afternoon in Koktebel
The Red sea
Roofs in sunset
The Genoa fortress, Feodosia
It’s getting dark
The harvest is done
It’s raining in the Kara Dag
The Fox affair
The Nutcracker and the Mouse King
Bell tower of Kalyazin
"In the puddles! Kostroma."

© 2016 by Elena Dzyuba