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Elena Dzyuba

I’m a watercolor artist and architect based in Moscow, Russia.

I’ve been painting my whole life. It goes from the architectural background that I’m completely fascinated with the cityscapes. The poetry of cathedrals and huts, heart bit of the city, the life of people. I paint my impression of the places trying to emphasize the contradictions - between abstract and detail, clear shapes and rainy reflections, architecture and human scale. I especially love painting on the spot where the time is short and there is kind of a gamble to capture the essence of the subject. The transparent watercolor media perfectly fits to give the monumental architectural subject spontaneous, emotional and light impact.


Through art I try to convey inspiration with the beauty of the world to others. That’s why I appreciate so much that people share my vision and choose my paintings to decorate their homes. My watercolors are in private collections in Austria, Bolivia, Great Britain, Germany, Finland, Netherlands, Poland, Lithuania, Italy, India and Russia.

I graduated from Volga State Technical University, Russia, Yoshkar-Ola as a master of Architecture and Engineering. Member of Union Watercolor Russia.


Exhibitions and contests:

2022 - Global Art Connection Watercolor Exposition France Poland.

          Albi, France; Warsaw, Poland. Top 20 Excellence awards. Winner

2022 - Watercolour festival "Winter fairytale". Novosibirsk. Winner

          International Watercolor Masters. TOP 200 Merit Awards out of 3725

2017-2022 - International Festival "Fabriano In Acquarello". Fabriano, Italy

2021 - "Impressions of Europe" (IMWA). TOP 88

2021 - Exhibition of Russian Watercolors (IWS). MoscowWinner

2021 - International Festival "Watercolor with Love". Finalist

          Traveling exhibition in St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Moscow

2020 - Exhibition "Watercolor Thaw". Moscow

2020 - Exhibitions IWM "Melody of Watercolors"; "Memories of Spring" gallery "Art-Kremlin"Moscow

2020 - Exhibition IFA "Koktebel-Karadag" Exhibition Hall "Tushino" Moscow

2020 - Exhibition of Russian watercolors "IWS Sareh Gallery" Moscow 

2020 - Exhibition of 10 artists "Watercolor Thaw"  Moscow

2019 - Exhibition "City Landscape", Gallery of Contemporary ArtMoscow.  Finalist

2019 - II-nd Triennial "Watercolor and Spirit". Varna, Bulgaria

2019 - International watercolor festival "MiniWatercolor". Kiev, Ukraine

2019 - Exhibition within the framework of cooperation of the St. Petersburg State Art and Industrial Academy named after A. L. Stieglitz and  InArte Assosiacione Culturale "Russian watercolors at the 10th International FabrianoinAcquarello festival in Italy ". Saint Petersburg

2018 - International watercolor festival "InWatercolor 2018". Jharkhand state, Ranchi, India. Invited artist

2018 - Exhibition of the International Federation of Watercolorists (IFA). Moscow.

           2-nd, 3-d prize

2017 - I-st IWS Kosova International Biennial "Colors of Peace and Passion".

           Pristina, Kosovo

2017 -  Exhibition of the International Federation of Watercolorists (IFA). Moscow.

           2-nd prize

2017 - "Masters of Watercolor / Perspective". St. Petersburg

2015 - Competition of illustrators from the publishing house "Artpression". Illustration to the fairy tale by E.T.A. Hoffman "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King". Moscow. 1-st prize

Instituto Europeo di Design, Barcelona,

School of Urbanism and Architectural Sketch, 2014

British Higher School of Art and Design, Moscow

Intensive illustration course, 2012

Volga State Technical University,

Yoshkar-Ola, Engineer-Architect, 2006

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